Blast on the Bay kicks off Thursday evening at the Windmark Beach Green. Blast on the Bay Music Festival features songwriters singing their hit songs for big names such as Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, George Strait, and many more. There are over 30 artists performing at 10 venues in the Port St Joe area this weekend. Tickets will be available at the various venues.

Blast on the Bay Performance Schedule


6 p.m. — Low County Boil — Windmark Green
7 p.m. — Kick-off party featuring Vinyl Radio (general admission and VIP) — Windmark Green


1 p.m. — Steve Dean, Bill Whyte, Victoria Venir — Krazyfish
1 p.m. — Grace Morrison, Jimmy Stanley — The Brickwall
3 p.m. — Jason Byrd, Brett Kelley, Danny Wells — Krazyfish
4 p.m. — Tim Buppert, Ron Wallace, Allison Clarke — Scallop Republic
5 p.m. — Wil Nance, Pete Sallis, Brian White, Chip Martin — Lookout Lounge
5:30 p.m. — Ronnie Kimball, Donny Lowrey, Steve Dean, Keith Anderson — Taproot
6 p.m. — Bill Whyte, Lauren Spring, Jerry Salley — Scallop Republic
7 p.m. — Earl Bud Lee, Dana Hunt Black, Victoria Venier — Lookout Lounge
7 p.m. — Brooks Huntley, Jesse Rice, Karen Waldrup — The Mill at Windmark
7:30 p.m. — Brett Jones, John Wiggins, Alan Rhody — Taproot
8 p.m. — Will Rambeaux, Sherrie Austin, Alison Nichols — Scallop Republic
9 p.m. — Leslie Satcher, Keith Anderson, Jimmy Stanley — The Mill at Windmark
9:30 p.m. — Clint Daniels, Jimmy Miller, Jean Nolan, Grace Morrison — Taproot


11 a.m. — Will Rambeaux, Sherrie Austin, Alison Nichols — Krazyfish
1 p.m. — Ron Wallace, Allison Clarke, Chip Martin — Krazyfish
1 p.m. — Wil Nance, Brian White, Leslie Satcher, Jimmy Miller — Taproot
2 p.m. — Tim Buppert, Clint Daniels, Lauren Spring — Lookout Lounge
3 p.m. — Dana Hunt Black, Jason Byrd, Pete Sallis — Taproot
4 p.m. — Jerry Saley, Brett Jones, Jesse Rice — Lookout Lounge
4 p.m. — Grace Morrison, Brooks Huntley, Keith Anderson — Scallop Republic
5 p.m. — Steve Dean, Bill Whyte, Victoria Venier — Haughty Heron
6 p.m. — Danny Wells, Jimmy Stanley, Donny Lowery — Scallop Republic
7 p.m. — Karen Waldrup, Brett Kelly, John Wiggins, Wil Nance — Haughty Heron
8 p.m. — Jean Nolan, Earl Bud Lee, Alan Rhody — Scallop Republic
9 p.m. — Keith Anderson, Brett Jones, Leslie Satcher, Ronnie Kimball, Pete Sallis — Haughty Heron


10 a.m. — First United Methodist Church featuring Jerry Salley — First United Methodist Church
10 a.m. — Brunch — The View on Old 98
10:30 a.m. — Allison Clarke, Brooks Huntley, Chip Martin — The View on Old 98
11 a.m. — Pete Sallis, Brian White, Wil Nance, Ronnie Kimball, Grace Morrison — Indian Pass Raw Bar
12:30 p.m. — Jerry Salley, Steve Dean, Bill Whyte, Victoria Venier, Alan Rhody — Indian Pass Raw Bar
2 p.m. — Dana Hunt Black, Jimmy Stanley, Karen Waldrup, Tim Buppert, Jean Nolan — Indian Pass Raw Bar
3:30 p.m. — Will Rambeaux, Sherrie Austin, Alison Nichols, Donny Lowery, Lauren Spring — Indian Pass Raw Bar
5 p.m. — Jesse Rice, Clint Daniels, Leslie Satcher, Brett Kelly, John Wiggins — Indian Pass Raw Bar
6:30 p.m. — Earl Bud Lee, Ron Wallace, Keith Anderson, Danny Wells — Indian Pass Raw Bar

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